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A shabby chic style for a romantic table decor

A shabby chic style for a romantic table decor

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Very feminine, and of Anglo-Saxon origin, the "shabby chic" is the skilful mixture between the used style - in English in the text - and refined. Little exported yet in France, it however invests more and more our interiors. We imagine this style very well on a table. Here are some basic rules to improve your decoration.

Nothing but white

Maison du Monde It is indeed the shade that predominates when we speak of "shabby chic". For maximum elegance, white goes through many shades - shades of silver, mauve or powdery roses. So you play with the tones so that each element stands out on the table.

A multitude of flowers

Maison du Monde In a rather "girly" spirit, this movement builds on the bucolic and fresh power of plants. A floral touch on the table brings not only a little color but also a lot of charm.

English dishes

Royal Albert The flowers are also available on the plates. Your table is adorned with flowered porcelain from our grandmothers. A way to revisit the table style of old British cottages.

Many accessories

Delamaison For a beautiful presentation, we do not skimp on glass bottles, bells, vases and other candle jars. A touch of light and transparency essential.

Beautiful candlesticks

Delamaison Aged, but of the most beautiful effect, the objects of yesteryear light up our table. Painted and always with a light patina, we like them a bit rococo.

Linen and cotton

Shabby Chic Couture For table linen, put on flea market fabrics, white lace, tablecloths in ecru embroidered fabrics. Thus, they dress and give an extra character to your decoration.

We stay in tones

Maison du Monde For the seats, we also use light colors. Too classic chairs are entirely covered with fabric. You can also add pretty knots if you want.

A big chandelier

Maison du Monde To light up the guests, a crystal lamp decorated with tassels recalls the atmosphere of our interiors of yesteryear.

Even outside

Maison du Monde For fine weather, the "shabby chic" style extends to the garden. For this, we leave the white wrought iron living room, always in a country spirit to create a most romantic atmosphere.