Ideas recovered in the kitchen

Ideas recovered in the kitchen

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Dress up wooden chairs with paint or pancakes

Houses of the world

The traditional wooden chairs are worth recovering, to give a country air to the kitchen by keeping them as they are. They can also be modernized with colored paint or pretty patties tied on the seat.

Hijack objects

Houses of the world

The art of staging period objects can also be done by diverting the objects to play the originality card in the decor. Here, the pendant lamp that lights up the kitchen seems to be the assembly of two desk lamps of yesteryear.

Old-fashioned advertising signs to give a bistro feel


Old ads have the chic to be trendy. In the kitchen, they awaken a very bistro and very Frenchy mood. Everything to please.

The art of antique tableware


The craftsmanship of antique tableware fascinates. At home, it reveals the traditional charm of yesteryear that we appreciate when eating. Note that we can also prefer to stage it by hanging a few plates on a section of the kitchen wall, like a precious collection.

Use metal boxes as storage

Family counter

The metal boxes of old kitchens appeal to their useful and decorative side. To contrast with the modern and contemporary side of the kitchen or complete a bistro atmosphere, they prove to be excellent allies. You can store coffee capsules, tea bags or small cookies.

A clock with Roman numerals to affirm an authentic atmosphere

Houses of the world

The clock with Roman numerals is a classic that we never tire of decoration. Recovering an old one will therefore sublimate the kitchen with a resolutely authentic air.

Customize old furniture with adhesives


You have two options when kitchen furniture is no longer to your liking: change it or revamp it. For the second option, adhesives, very economical decorative accessories, are perfect. Especially since there are all sizes, shapes, styles, colors, with all the patterns. You choose !

Baskets for storage


The shopping baskets used in the past are very useful in our kitchens if they are transformed into storage spaces. You can put towels, tablecloths and tea towels, then place them under a shelf or under the central island. Neither seen nor known.

Wall shelves of yesteryear

Family counter

The wrought iron or wooden shelves of our grandparents make it possible to stage the spices and have them easily on hand. Especially since their look of yesteryear will be enough to please the nostalgic…

In total look in the dining room

Houses of the world

You can also dare the recuperated style in total look in the kitchen. To do this, you will have to get up early on Sunday to find old storage furniture, an aged table on the flea markets, and unique decorative accessories.

Factory suspensions

Family counter

Don't be afraid to collect old factory items to add a decorative touch to your kitchen. We are in love with these suspensions installed in trio.

Furniture found and repainted


If you like the flea market style and want to infuse it into your kitchen, look for old furniture that you can then repaint as you wish. Here, blue really makes us want.

Decorative paddles by the sea

Houses of the world

To give your kitchen a seaside look, think of diverted objects! An old buoy or paddles fixed to the wall bring a real decorative advantage.

Old household linen

Family counter

Have you found your grandmother's old household linen in a closet? Do not throw it away! Use cloths and tablecloths to create an authentic atmosphere in your kitchen.

Lay old credenza tiles

Houses of the world

What a great idea to recover old cement tiles to make the kitchen splashback! Thus posed, they bring a real touch of originality to the room.

A wall cabinet of yesteryear

Family counter

Do you like the current trend that invites dishes to be seen by everyone? Think of the recovery by revamping an old wall cabinet that will find a second youth in your kitchen.

Bet on old metal stools

Houses of the world

To create a unique atmosphere around the kitchen table, bet on old metal stools that are making a comeback in our interiors.

Bring in an old metal basket

Houses of the world

Transform this old metal basket into a decorative ally but also functional in the kitchen. You can then slide the wood for the stove or the tea towels.