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Darty presents its new 2014-2015 kitchen collection

Darty presents its new 2014-2015 kitchen collection

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The press presentations continue and are still in the running. This time, we had an appointment at Darty Rivoli to discover the new collection of custom kitchens. On the program: sobriety, industrial or natural spirit, millimeter finishes and clever storage ... Discover in pictures these 6 new kitchens that are not lacking in assets to seduce us.

Focus Licorice: a work plan in Corian

Darty The strong point of Licorice cuisine? Its 6 cm thick Corian worktop on the island. And on the plan, the ascent to leave gives a continuous line between the plan and the credenza for a very elegant finish.

Cardamom: spicy cuisine

Darty Ideally designed for open spaces on a living room for example, the Cardamome kitchen offers a successful mix of materials and colors: ultra-bright lacquered magnolia color facades for tall furniture, glass for electric furniture with hinged slats and structured basalt oak color melamine for low furniture.

Focus Cardamome: a high electric and design piece of furniture

Darty Cardamome offers an innovative and design piece of furniture: the tall electric piece of furniture. With hinged glass slat fronts, it opens and closes effortlessly and offers an ultra decorative look.

Cendré: a kitchen with an industrial spirit

Darty Esprit Loft in this kitchen open to the living room. We love the ultra-bright mineral gray color of the lacquered facades and the aged metal look of the laminate worktop. Very well thought out, the Cendré kitchen offers kitchen furniture that perfectly adapts to the living environment, offering a beautiful continuity between the two spaces.

Focus Cendré: 3 recycling bins

Darty The Cendré kitchen offers a built-in sink model with ultra-flat edges, to create a flush effect. Most ? A sliding drawer which accommodates 3 recycling bins.

Caviar: harmonious and convivial cuisine

Darty Very elegant, the Caviar kitchen also offers a beautiful harmony between the kitchen area and the lounge area. Particularly aesthetic, the slim worktop is made of compact laminate veneered with natural oak. Convivial at will, Caviar offers a snack plan open to the lounge, ideal for chatting with your guests while preparing the meal.

Focus Caviar: a refined work plan

Darty For a natural and very decorative finish, the Caviar kitchen offers a laminated worktop in natural oak veneer, with integrated tanks.

Hazelnut: cuisine friendly to small spaces

Darty Simple but very well thought out, the Noisette cuisine seduces us with its woody appearance with a Scandinavian look. Ideal for small spaces, Noisette has a small width granite sink (built-in within 40 cm), coordinated with the mixer which releases the pearl gray laminate worktop.

Lacté: immaculate cuisine

Darty Zen and natural atmosphere in this white and wood-clad kitchen. In addition to the bright white of the facades, it is the softness of the wood that makes us crack. We love the bamboo worktop which gives this kitchen a haven of peace.