A nice table outside meals

A nice table outside meals

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What to do with your table when it is not set? A must-have piece of furniture for the home, it brightens up at each table with colorful dishes, condiments and other necessary items. But once cleared, it becomes unattractive. Discover 10 different ways to stage it so that outside of meals, your table finds a special place in your decor.

An office table

Ikea Once the meal is finished, the dining room table turns into an office. Large enough to accommodate various activities, it is open to the whole family.

A floral table

Bemz Take advantage of sunny days to brighten up your interior and bring nature into your dining room. Bouquets of wild flowers of all colors seize the table to brighten up the house.

A vitamin table

Bemz Cups of fresh fruit, cans of orange juice, citrus in all its forms is available on this table. In self-service, it will satisfy food lovers!

A table, work plan

Bemz In the kitchen, the table becomes an essential space for preparing meals, for putting down utensils or for storing a few bulky dishes.

A table, always ready

Bemz Stacked plates, upright glasses, napkins gathered when the table is cleared, quickly straighten the cutlery, but in self-service, to be always ready at all times!

A table with 4 corners and 4 decorations

Ikea The table has 4 corners: reserve a corner to eat, another to store your cookbooks, a third to work and a last to prepare meals.

A minimalist table

Ikea "Less is more", here this expression finds its full meaning. Rid of all artifice, the table is delivered in its simplest expression and accommodates only two candles.

A table d'hôte

bemz Like a table d'hôte, the breakfast table will be set up throughout the morning. Grill bread, cheese platter, bread, cereal jars and magazines make up the table decoration.

A table, cold buffet

Bemz On a servant place raw vegetables, prepare a few plates and glasses for the surprise guests and your table has a welcoming aspect throughout the day.