An enchanted weekend in Bonifacio

An enchanted weekend in Bonifacio

Coming to Bonifacio, you will have to face, throughout your stay, rare landscapes and extremely beautiful, whether on land or underwater ... So watch your eyes! Enchanted destination for lovers of idleness and dreamed destination for all nature lovers, Bonifacio will also charm you with its culture, its heritage, its gastronomy and its art of living ... So there is nothing to hesitate: on the way for the far south of Corsica!

Pied-à-terre at the charming hotel Marina Di Cavu

Eric Volto - Tourist office of the town of Bonifacio You will start your stay by depositing your luggage in a charming hotel whose surprising architecture pays homage to nature. At the Marina Di Cavu hotel, the rocks are inscribed within the walls: a way to blend harmoniously with the wild landscape of southern Corsica and offer you a very authentic stay.

Discover a city steeped in history

Eric Volto - Tourist Office of the town of Bonifacio You will then set off to explore the town of Bonifacio while strolling along the medieval fortifications of this town steeped in history. The walkways (photo above) for example, will allow you to admire the magnificent natural environment of the city. If you are curious about the heritage of Bonifacio, many other sites will be available to you, such as the staircase of the King of Aragon, the Church of Saint Dominic or the Loggia…

Explore the marine wealth

Eric Volto - Tourist office of the town of Bonifacio In terms of nature, discover the Bouches de Bonifacio international marine park which shelters and preserves marine environments and species as well as exceptional landscapes. To explore the marine flora and fauna, do not hesitate to bring fins, mask and snorkel to practice the underwater trail from Lavezzu Island.

Beaches, coves and islands…

Eric Volto - Tourist office of the town of Bonifacio Bonifacio offers you 70 km of coastline, so the sandy beaches, coves and archipelagos of islands are yours! Take advantage of the numerous land paths to discover landscapes more beautiful than the others. The Rondinara bay, the creeks and the Fazzio archipelago, the Lavezzi archipelago (photo above), the wild Tonnara beach are for example essentials!

Corsican flavors at the restaurant Au jardin d'A Cheda

Eric Volto - Tourist office of the city of Bonifacio After walking and even diving to discover the heritage and natural treasures of Bonifacio, it is your palate which will discover the Mediterranean flavors of Corsica thanks to the original, beautiful and refined cuisine of gourmet restaurant "Au jardin d'A Cheda".